Working in Partnership with placing authorities to provide quality care at a competitive price.

Currently we work with numerous Local Authorities and Local Health Boards throughout South Wales. In the five years since our inception we have established an enviable reputation with placing authorities. This has been based on two key factors:

  • The positive results achieved, in terms of number of clients moving on or stepping down.
  • The cost savings represented by competitively priced placements.

Our expertise in working across a variety of care specialisms has enabled us to combine our skills and know how to produce many positive outcomes over the last five years for the people we support. This includes:

Tangible success rates in stepping people down to lesser intensive care packages.

  • 20% of our clients have successfully moved on to their own accommodation
  • 38% have stepped down to lesser supported packages of care

Ongoing positive feedback from healthcare professionals, the inspectorate, and the families of clients.

  • Year on year Positive feedback from CSSIW
  • The provider of choice with many placing bodies
  • Continued praise from families of clients

Most of all, the success of our support is evidenced by the clients themselves, their individual feedback  and in their continued journey towards recovery and greater independence.

Our model of care represents substantial cost savings to placing authorities and private purchasers alike. In many cases the up-take of our package of care represents a potential saving of more than 40% from the average cost of traditional 24hr supported living packages.

Experience has shown us that in some instances individuals may have been placed and funded for a package of care that is no longer appropriate to their needs. Recovery may have reached a stage whereby a lesser package of care is more beneficial to that person’s recovery rather than remaining in their existing placement. Indeed, remaining in a more intensely supported environment can actually be detrimental to that recovery. It is only through positive risk taking initiated in an individualised programme of care that confidence will increase, skills will develop, and greater independence will be gained.

The gap in support that Recovery Care’s service bridges will enable immediate cost savings to placing authority budgets. It will also have a wider impact in terms of savings in respect of housing costs and potential social care manpower costs.

Welsh Company investing in local communities
We are a local Welsh company, committed to working in partnership with placing authorities, investing in local people, the local economy, and ultimately in the provision of life enhancing care.

We recognise the importance of communication, informing the appropriate people of progress or indeed if there is a set back. Each individual’s case manager/parent or guardian will receive a monthly snapshot of the individual’s progress & activities as well as an indepth quarterly Recovery Analysis report. Although we will alert providers if there is a specific issue we will aim to feed back on how we provided a solution to this issue rather than merely present them with a problem.

At all times we seek to provide proactive advice and offer practical solutions where necessary through ongoing contact with placing authorities and their teams.

To anyone wishing to make a placement or to find out more please fill in the attached form or ring our office on 02920837470

In the six years since our inception we have become one of the leading and most cost effective providers of support for people with mental health in South Wales.
Conor Rooney. Director
Placement Enquiry