15 July 2020
Stories from lockdown

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep upbeat as we remain forced to continue to stay in lockdown. This however isn’t the case with the teams at Recovery Care. Staff have been busy coming up with new initiatives to keep tenants motivated and in good spirits whilst adhering to lockdown measures.
Recovery Care staff have taken the lead in each of the services introducing in house activities, to include; The great “Bake off, where each service ran a baking competition. The great garden revamp, each service was encouraged to undertake a garden makeover and numerous lockdown BBQ’s were held across services.
Send a lockdown card, where tenants in each service sent written cards of encouragement to other services. In addition, the amazing Lisa Anderson , Recovery Coach took time out to create an upbeat and funny video using snapchat which was then shared with tenants and staff alike.
keep up the positivity everyone we will get through this.