Specialist and focused supportĀ  for people with mental ill health, substance misuse issues and or learning disabilities.

Mental ill Health can take many forms. It’s quite often the case that the people we support will have a dual diagnosis. They may have mental health with a mild learning disability or mental health combined with a substance misuse issue. As an organisation it is essential that we have the necessary expertise and skills to work across many specialisms.

The short video below was made with the help of some of the people we support. It gives an insight into the various diagnosis that we specialise in and how, through our expertise we have successfully supported them.


Mental Health
Our staff are trained and skilled in delivering support to people with many forms of mental health and people with a dual diagnosis. We use various techniques to help support people, including; De-escalation and distraction techniques, positive risk taking and positive behaviour management.
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Learning Disability
We focus on empowering individuals with Learning Disabilities, we do this by enabling people to develop daily living skills and relationships. Through focused support, positive risk taking and offering a range of activities we encourage people to increase their skills and ultimately their confidence in leading more fulfilling lives.
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Substance Misuse and Alcohol Related Brain Injury
Substance misuse may have resulted as a consequence of mental health or conversely it may have been contributory to mental health. Our teams support people with substance misuse issues and with the affects of misuse. We support many clients with Korsakoff syndrome and Alcohol related brain injuries.
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