24 January 2022
Care Inspectorate Wales rubber stamps the high quality of care delivered by Recovery Care

The new year kicked off to a very positive start for all at Recovery Care, with the publication of the Care Inspectorate Wales report, which followed an unannounced inspection in October 2021. The report reaffirmed and rubber stamped to all at the company that, despite operating in a very challenging environment for the last two years, they were continuing to do an excellent job in providing the highest quality of care to vulnerable people.

What the inspection report said about…


To find out about the wellbeing of our residents, Care Inspectorate Wales sat down with a number of our service users to ask them about their personal experiences. The following quotes were taken directly from the report and confirm the high level of care our residents receive, as we work to support them in their day-to-day lives.

  • “People told us how care staff support them in achieving their personal goals. People are supported to be as independent as possible in all aspects of their lives.”
  • “People feel safe and happy in their home. People hold good, professional relationships with care staff, managers and the RI. People feel confident raising any concerns or issues.”
  • “People are very much a part of their community and do things they enjoy. People enjoy going out to the shops, for food or for a walk. People are supported to maintain relationships with relatives.”

Care and Support

Interested in the care and support our residents receive, Care Inspectorate Wales observed the daily operation of a selection of our services. The purpose of this was to see how our residents and staff interact on a daily basis, with the following quotes showing what a supportive environment our staff create.

  • “Regular meetings with health professionals are recorded and personal outcomes are reviewed and developed. People’s plans include clear outcomes for individuals and identify ways in which these can be achieved.”
  • “Care staff and management know people well and are passionate about supporting them to achieve their personal outcomes. People told us about the positive impact the service and care staff have had on their lives. One individual said care staff support them to develop their independent living skills and are now able to consider living independently.”

Leadership and Management

Another area that Care Inspectorate Wales reported on was the management of our care staff. These quotes demonstrate the capability and confidence of our staff to provide residents with the support they need, as well as the personal development opportunities we provide at Recovery Care.

  • “Policies and procedures are in place to support care staff in their understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The service has an up to date Statement of purpose, which is reflective of the service provided.”
  • “Care staff receive regular supervision and are supported to develop. Care staff told us how they are supported to promote within the organisation.”
  • “Care staff appear competent in their roles and passionate about promoting independence. Care staff have a good understanding of the care and support levels required in order to support individuals to achieve their personal outcomes.”

Everyone at Recovery Care was overjoyed with the report, as it reaffirmed the positive impact we have on our residents’ lives. Conor Rooney, our Director and RI said, “I am absolutely delighted with the findings of the report. Naturally, when you know that you have been operating in unprecedented times and when your last inspection was back in 2018 and although excellent, there is always a worry, that despite all efforts, especially working through a pandemic that some standards may have slipped. However, the findings of this report testify that this has been far from the case and highlights that we continue to excel in the support we provide. This is all thanks to the teams of extraordinary people that we have working for us and who continue to give 100%. Myself and fellow Director, Andrea Williams, would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff who made this very positive report possible.”

If you would like to read the full report from Care Inspectorate Wales, you can find it available here.