25 May 2018
Promoting ownership and pride in living environments:

Spring is traditionally the time for a good spring clean and a fresh look to things. With this in mind, back in May, Recovery care, in consultation with clients decided to undertake a programme of home refurbishment.

To help them achieve this Recovery care was able to source an organization that undertakes DIY projects and which works with vulnerable people. The Phoenix Collective.

The overall aim of the initiative explained Conor Rooney, (Recovery Care Director) “was to help clients take ownership of where they lived, increase their confidence and give them a sense of achievement and pride. “

“The Phoenix collective’s overall ethos is to help vulnerable people “grow their potential” this fitted well with the goals of Recovery care”

Jayne Andrews, service manager explained; “Clients were consulted with on how they wanted their living environments to look and if they felt they could lend a hand in achieving the end result. Individual skills, abilities and preferences of clients were considered before work began.”

So with brushes, paint ,sandpaper and garden tools in hand, work began.

The results achieved have been fantastic, with a whole new lease of life being breathed into the living environments.