10 September 2021
DJ session at Clun Terrace

Getting the party started

Clun Terrace welcomes the addition of James Gradkowski, a new member of staff, with a surprise DJ session.

As a very musical house, the staff and tenants at Clun Terrace took the arrival of James as the perfect opportunity to get the party started. With a studio mixing desk to hand, everyone took it in turns to DJ and play their favourite genres of music. This not only encouraged new songs to be discovered but led to conversations being started and stories being shared. Through music, everyone got to learn more about each other and it proved to be a great way to introduce James to each member of the house.

Showing off new skills

The DJ session couldn’t have come at a better time!

Recently, Spencer and Othman, who are both tenants at Clun Terrace had started to practice on the mixing desk. Having brushed up their skills, the DJ session allowed them to show everyone what they had learned and our staff couldn’t believe how much they had progressed. This proved to be a huge confidence boost for Spencer and Othman, and they have continued to DJ since the event.

You can take a look at the attached video to see Spencer and Othman showing off their skills!

Staying upbeat

At Recovery Care, the wellbeing of our tenants is of the utmost importance.

We find organising events to be a great way to lift the mood of our tenants and give them something to look forward to. With plenty of evidence supporting the benefits of music therapy, the DJ session was a great way to get everyone involved in a fun and uplifting activity. There were smiles all around after the DJ session, which demonstrated the positive effect that music can have.

What’s next for Clun Terrace?

Having had such a fantastic response to the event from tenants and staff alike, DJ sessions have since become a common activity, with Spencer and Othman continuing to steal the show! Whilst we don’t have any scheduled events coming up, we are sure the mixing desk will continue to make a regular appearance in the Clun Terrace House.