10 April 2019
Back to the shop floor

Directors, Conor Rooney and Andrea Williams went back to the shop floor this week, working  in one of the Cardiff Services .

In a joint effort to touch base with clients and reward staff whilst at the same time encouraging a greater sense of team spirit the pair have planned to roll out the “back to the shop floor” initiative over the coming nine months to all services within Recovery Care.

Last Friday both Directors went to one of the Cardiff services whilst the staff team at the house were treated to a session in the escape rooms in Cardiff, followed by a meal out in the city centre. Meanwhile Conor and Andrea took on the daily support duties within the service.

Conor Rooney, Director, said; When establishing the business it was always myself and Andrea’s intention to ensure that we offered a very personal and individualised service for all the people that we support. Sometimes with the day to day running of the company it can be difficult to maintain this. This initiative has given us the opportunity to once again work closely with service users, exploring how they are progressing and also experiencing first hand the day to day running of services.

Andrea Williams, Director said; We also wanted to show our staff team that we appreciate all their hard work and continued dedication, as a reward and sign of appreciation we wanted to give staff the time out to socialise and enjoy a day out together.

Left:Andrea involves clients in undertaking daily living skills using a little dance therapy before commencing.

Main image: Conor attends the “up beat” disco for clients with learning disabilities. Pictured with Jenny.

Both enjoyed the day and found it invaluable in reconnecting with service users. Staff also had a great day out, Gemma Lamoratta, Senior Recovery coach said. “We had a fantastic day, its really helped us as a team, spending time with each other and bonding”

Left: the team with their certificates after escaping from the break out rooms.