About Recovery Care

Recovery Care is an innovative care agency providing Supported Living for vulnerable people primarily with mental ill health or with a dual diagnosis of learning disability or substance misuse. We specialise in tailored and individual support packages of care. Through focused rehabilitation we aim to develop skills and confidence, helping people achieve greater independence to live more successfully within the community. Where possible, we will aim to step people down to their own independent accommodation or to a lesser package of care.

Our services are based within the community, providing individuals with comfortable,homely surroundings. In addition to the social benefits, our integrated housing allows each individual the opportunity to develop their life enhancing skills to secure a stable tenancy. Focus is on self help, managing mental health,improved daily functioning, educational and work opportunities and ultimately hope for the future and an increased quality of life.

Each service is staffed 24 hours a day. We provide ongoing support, especially for those individuals who require support with administration of medication. We also provide full housing related support to ensure tenancies are maintained and that people live in harmony within their community.